Gregory Strakosch

Gregory Strakosch, Executive Chairman

Mr. Strakosch has served as our Executive Chairman since May 2016. Prior thereto, he served as our Chief Executive Officer from our incorporation in September 1999 to May 2016 and as our Chairman from 2007 to May 2016. Prior to co-founding TechTarget, Mr. Strakosch was the President of the Technology Division of UCG, a business information publisher. Mr. Strakosch joined UCG in 1992 when it acquired Reliability Ratings, an information technology publishing company that he founded in 1989. Before Reliability Ratings, Mr. Strakosch spent six years at EMC Corporation, a provider of enterprise information storage systems. Mr. Strakosch holds a B.A. from Boston College. As one of the Company’s two co-founders and our Executive Chairman, Mr. Strakosch is uniquely positioned to provide essential insight and guidance to the Board from an inside perspective and provide the Board with the benefit of his many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the information technology advertising business.